A Long Road to Justice: Study on Transgenders of India 

Arshita Agarwal
(LL.B., B.com), India

Volume II – Issue III, 2019

Gender is an important factor in all aspect of one’s life. Biologically gender is divided in to two categories male and female. All persons have gender identity which refers to the person’s internal sence of being a male or a female. Transgender or better known as the third gender are people who are different from stereotypes men and women in terms of personality, appearance or behaviour. The term transgender have several meaning the most common is an umbrella term to describe anyone who does not follow the strict rules of society in terms of gender. The transgender community in India highly represented by the Hijras and Kothis. In this research paper the researchers try to show the real picture of the transgender in India and how they get recognition in Indian law.

Keywords: Transgender, third gender, hijras, problems.


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