A Comparative Study of Live in Relationship in India with Other Countries​​

Aishwarya Pandey
Assistant Professor at Amity Law School, Amity University, India.

Volume IV, Issue I, 2021

Live in relationship have been there for many years, the only difference is that back then people were indecisive in revealing their status due to the fear of society, however a part of Indian population are openly accepting this kind of relationship in today’s era. Although, this new form of family is unstable, it is natural and thus prevailing in western world. Therefore, it becomes necessary to know the rights & obligations for the partners living together without the marriage all around the world. In metropolitan cities of India this form has become an alternative to marriage where individual gives priority to freedom and people try to stay away from the responsibilities and obligations of a married life. The ambit and definition of live-in relationship is not much clear, there is lack of specific legislation in India on this subject as the laws to govern such relationship are in the form of court judgement. The verdict depends on the circumstances of each case. The paper will try to analyse the concept, legal status, and judicial approaches of live-in relationship in India in comparison with the countries abroad.

Keywords: Live-in relationship, taboo, Indian society, foreign countries, legal status.

DOI: http://doi.one/10.1732/IJLMH.25509