A Comparative Study of Legal Measures Taken to Control Noise Pollution in India and United States of America

Anshu Singh
Symbiosis Law School, Pune

Volume III, Issue III, 2020

Noise is consequence of everything that we do. It forms part of our everyday background and for the most part we just accept it or at least tolerate it. Nevertheless, noise has the capacity to cause conflict between those who are generating it and those who hear it but do not wish to. So, Noise pollutant has become a great nuisance these days. It is spreading so fast that it has started polluting the environment of the society. Due to rapid growth of urbanization, industrialization and advancement of science and technology, the problem of noise pollution has emerged as one of the serious problem and it has become a serious challenge of the quality of life of the people in most of the countries. Mankind’s capacity to create noise has increased dramatically. Noise surrounds us, the roar of vehicular traffic, the bustle of crowds, rapid industrialization, and the passage of trains and airplanes. The home can also be invaded by noise, the amplified music and dogs may also become causes for noise. This article critically analyses legal provisions regarding control of noise pollution by vehicles in India and United States of America.

Keywords: Noise Pollution, Nuisance, Environment, Urbanisation, Industrialisation


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