A Case Study of ‘Juvenile in Conflict with Law’ from Some Juvenile Homes

Gopa Chandra Mandal
Assistant Professor of Law
L. J. D. Law College, Falta (Affiliated to University of Calcutta)

Volume III, Issue II, 2020

Crime and delinquency are not mere legal or moral problems, they are the manifestations of domestic neglect and social apathy. Modern psychological studies have provided new insights into the cause of aberrant behaviour and involved new ways of treating mental illness. The present research paper is based on empirical work. In this study the behaviour of delinquent juvenile is observed and studied by observational techniques, the interview and case-study method. The main object of this research paper is not only to explain the nature and concept of ‘Juvenile in Conflict with Law’ in theoretical aspect but also in practical aspect. As children are the future of any Country therefore, society expects them to grow as responsible citizens. The future well-being of the Nation depends upon the fact how the children grow and develop. The children require the protective umbrella of the society for better growth and development. Therefore, it the paramount obligation of the State to attend to the children to make them appropriate citizens of tomorrow. It is hoped that this research paper will be welcomed by all those for whom it is meant.


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